Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How To Take A Toddler Grocery Shopping In 100 Easy Steps

Hi Everyone!! Today I'm just going to be lazy and share with you my latest scary mommy article "How To Take A Toddler Grocery Shopping In 100 Easy Steps." (Just click on the link) Hopefully it will give you a good chuckle.

Since I don't want to appear as lazy as I actually am right now, I will leave you with a few pictures that I took last weekend and something that I realized lately;

I really need to enunciate more when I talk to my children. They both think that "mcnoring" is a word.

"He is being mean to me so I am mcnoring him now. "

Not "ignoring," "mcnoring."

Here, let me help you out with that one kid: "Heee is BE-ing meen to me so I am IG-nor-ring him now."

Check it out, it's the blog background, but this time with children!

I also realized this week that the girl child thinks that if you get arrested, you are getting "under arrested."

"Mommy, if the police catch a bad guy do they always under arrest him?"

Uh....what kid?

"You know, when they put them in handcuffs and say 'he is under arrest.' Have you ever gotten under arrested mommy?"

Oh boy.

Kid brains, they really are something else.

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday and I will be back tomorrow with a new post!


  1. Upsidedowning is a verb now, according to Lil Miss.

  2. Your photos are incredible. I know you said that almost all the artwork in your house are pictures you have taken of.bridges and I have to say you seem to have perfected the talent!!

    Is any of your work for sale? I love the symbolism behind bridges to and would love to have some of your work in my home

    1. I would buy it too!

      Eden you take these all with your phone camera right? You've got a great eye/talent for all things artistic and creative. You really should capitalize on it!

    2. You guys are funny. I just snapped them with my camera phone, cropped them, and changed the gray scale. Nothing special that anyone else can't do :)

  3. OMGoodness your kiddos are HILARIOUS!!! My little one says, "TattooTH" instead of "tattoo" >>>insert face palm<<<
    But hey, at least our little ones are cute, right?! :)

    1. Haha! Kids, they have to make us laugh sometimes or we might sell them all!

  4. You take great pictures.

    And I have to say, in the second picture, your daughter is totally rocking that little pose of hers. That's adorable. :)

    1. Haha, thanks! She has some sass to her ;) The teenage years with cell phone camera's and selfies should be amazing. Or not.....