Friday, May 26, 2017

So, Our House Flooded

So, our house flooded.

And, it wasn't a tiny flood.

We are now living in a hotel.

Yep, and we've been here for a week already.

Thanks Boy Child.

I wasn't home when the flood occurred. I got a call from our babysitter saying that something had happened to the toilet on the third floor, and water was now dripping from the second floor ceiling. She said the water had stopped, she had wiped up the bathroom floor, and she put a pot under the leak in the ceiling.

Figuring that I'd need to open the drywall a bit and let it air out before I patched it, I wasn't too worried, but let's just say that some water dripping from the ceiling was the least of my worries once I got home.

Water, was EVERYWHERE.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This Is How We Roll...

If you remember from my last post, "Don't Tell Me I'm Losing My Son," I was having a difficult time finding joy amongst The Boy Child's complicated health situation. I felt like I was swimming, and swimming, and I wasn't getting anywhere, except closer to the bottom of the pool.

But, if you also recall, sitting there on the bottom, I realized that I needed a reminder that life is what I make of it.

In keeping with my desire to live intentionally, I looked back over my photos from the last couple of months, and suddenly, I was able to see things in a different light. Yes, there were times when The Guy found himself pulling a wagon, for a child that was too weak to walk, and there were nights when I went out with my friends, only because I knew that I needed to step out of "epilepsy" for a minute and take a breath. But looking back, I was able to see what I hadn't necessarily seen in that moment; joy, family, memories, and life.

I saw us living life, despite the fact that it wasn't always perfect.

So, since you've listened to me cry over the last few posts, I hope that you will join me in this one, while I take you back over the last few weeks to laugh, giggle, and smile with with us, as we live our lives. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Please Don't Tell Me I'm Losing My Son

"Momma, I'm blowing on a wishing flower, and I'm wishing no more doctors"

Horatio G. Spafford, his wife Anna, and their five children lived in Chicago in the late 1800’s. Horatio was a successful lawyer with a booming business, when tragedy struck and pneumonia stole the life of his young son.

That same year, the Great Chicago Fire destroyed his business.

Not willing to give up, The Spafford family pushed on, rebuilding the business, and holding their family together.

Two years later, Anna and their four children boarded the ship Ville Du Havre, hoping to find some relaxation and rest in Europe, with Horatio joining them a few days later.

But as fate would have it, tragedy struck again when the boat collided with another, causing the Ville Du Havre to sink.

Anna was found floating on a piece of wreckage, all four of her remaining children drowned. “God gave me four daughters" she said to another survivor. "Now they have been taken from me. Someday I will understand why.”

She then wired Horatio a message that simply said, “rescued alone, what shall I do?”


I didn’t want to come back here; back to this blog. Pages of my struggles, triumphs, chuckles, and tears, all melting together to showcase one thing; My Life.

When I first came here, I set out to see if anyone else felt the same way I did. I was looking for a light to lead me down my darkened path.