Thursday, August 30, 2018

Shut. Up.

A few weeks ago I found myself standing in line at Panera, as I do every so often when Frisbee Boy's Mom (AKA my surrogate mom) invites me to lunch so we can chat. She's amazing, she really is. I've honestly never in my life, met anyone like her. She goes so far out of her way to help everyone, and it's just a quality you often see in today's busy world. When The Girl Child was in the hospital, she and her husband booked us a hotel room for the night. When The Girl Child got home, she showed up the very next day with cupcakes. That's what life is like with her, all of the time, because she is, as I said, amazing. 

I like her and she likes me, so it's usually a good time, but it's also weird.

I mean come on, remember the time her and I went to Goodwill and she convinced me to try on someone's bedroom shoes? Or that time we she and I went grocery shopping, and I got stuck in the freezer?

(Bonus points for anyone who can find that blog in the archives, I know it's around here somewhere!)

Friday, August 3, 2018

Take Notice

My daughter has been in the hospital for nearly a week now. Because of the move, my business trip, and now this, I've stayed in seven hotels, in the last three weeks.

I'm weary.

Last night my husband picked up my sons and took them back "home," leaving me at the Ronald McDonald House, with an empty stroller that he couldn't fit into his car.

My heart felt empty as I looked around at yet another unfamiliar place, full of unfamiliar people.