Monday, January 16, 2017


We are still here.

Poor kid has just had a lot of complications that we weren't anticipating. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Heart Is Breaking

I've been sitting in a chair now for forty-three hours, not counting the 5 hours that I drove forty-five minutes home to take a shower, a nap, and then drive back. I also didn't count the hours that I've spent pacing the hospital floors.

Just the chair time; forty-three hours (probably more by the time you read this).

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I Guess I'm Going To Trial (With A Complete Psycho)

Remember my blog post about the woman who rear ended my car, and then drove away? If you do remember, you’ll also remember that I was able to catch up to her at a stoplight, and snap a photo of her license plate. Then I pulled up beside her, honked, motioned for her to pull over, and she basically laughed, flipped me off, and drove away.


Because chasing her down the street and I dunno, running her off the road or something, seemed like a bad idea, I pulled over and called the police. The police looked at the photo I had taken of her and the damage done to my car, and actually took the time to track her down. When they found her and pointed out the damage to her car, she admitted that she had hit me. She was then charged her with several things, including a hit-and-run.

If you don’t remember that post, well that was basically the entire story so consider yourself caught up.

Photo Courtesy of

Anyway, thankfully she had insurance, and her insurance company assumed full liability and paid to fix the damage on my car. I thought that since the police had found her, she had admitted to the crime, and her insurance had paid for the damages, that all was said and done.

I was wrong.

Because really now, can anything ever be that easy?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

So It Ends, And Then It Begins

Happy New Year!!!

Is it just me, or was 2016 really weird? I mean it doesn't compare to the year my husband disappeared and my entire life exploded, but I have to say, this year was a close second.

Or am I missing something and do other people also routinely find their "missing" former spouses living across town with a new wife and kids, and form a semi-relationship with the woman who told him to leave?

Just me?

So anyway, yeah, this year was weird. 

And yes, yay, I got married again, and since I'm sure that you are all sick of hearing about at this point, I will just shut up about that and say that I'm really happy you have all stuck with me this far. 

Thank you.

These last few years in general have been a really crazy, super weird, pretty bumpy ride, and as much as you guys probably sit back and think "can this really all be happening to her?" let me just tell you that I always wonder the exact same thing.

It's a lot, this life. Go big or go home I guess.

Looking back though, I'm not sure that I would change a thing. A lot of things came full circle for me this year, and I'm excited to see where they take me. The Girl Child is having some surgery in a couple of weeks that I'm hoping will make things much easier for her, there are some big changes coming with my nonprofit (details to come!), and I'm working hard to figure out how best to deal with the trauma of my old marriage, when in comes to the future of my new one.

But I'll have time to get into that later, because right now I'd rather relax and recover from last night's party, which was hosted by none other my Platonic Hubby herself....

.... which couldn't have been complete without a midnight balloon drop for the kids.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I Got Into A Physical Fight With My New Husband

I woke up kicking him and shoving him away from me.

“Eden, it’s me! It’s just me, and you’re safe. You are safe, wake up!”

The voice, it sounded familiar.

It was Friday night, or rather, now early Saturday morning. The Guy and I were unwinding after the kids had gone to bed, by watching a movie and having a drink. We weren’t drinking excessively — not even close — but I was tired, and so was he, and at some point we had both fallen asleep in a pile of pillows that we had been using to cushion the floor; which was a much better option than our ridiculously uncomfortable sofa.

When the TV shut itself off and The Guy awoke just after 2am and realized what time it was, he gently shook me by the shoulders and tried to wake me up so that we could both make our way upstairs, and into a bed that would be much kinder to our backs than the floor was.

But my back was already screaming in pain, and I was disoriented just enough by the darkness of the room, my position on the floor, and a man leaning over me, that my half asleep, wine relaxed brain, didn’t immediately piece the entire scenario together.

Instead, it pulled what little information it knew, and it flashed me back to a time when I was 19, and I found myself groggy, in the dark, in pain, and with my ex-husband pushing my shoulders down into his futon.

And right then and there I "realized" that I was about to be raped again.

So I fought.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

So This Is What It's Like To Be Married To Me

So I can't figure out why the alignment is all messed up in this post, and things are justified left, and right, and center, and I can't change it AND I GIVE UP.

Moving on...

I'm sorry again for my delay in posting. I swear I feel like I do more apologizing than writing here these days! After my fun little poisioning experience, I was sick for a solid week. Like no joke sick; blood pressure issues, heart rate issues, brain fog, stomach ache, headache, and everything hurt. After all the IV attempts where my veins kept collapsing, even my hands hurt too much to type.

But, I'm finally feeling better! I got up today, went to the gym, got some work done, and am happy to report that for the first day in a week, I didn't end up curled up in bed crying in pain. So, yay for progress.

And while I was taking some time to rest, I read an article in which a woman had posted ten texts between her and her husband, that she felt completely summed up her marriage. As a writer, I usually try to see how other works may be applicable to my own life... but this one killed me.

Because really, do you want to see what it's like to be married to me?

The Guy is gray, and I am blue

I'm not really sure what this says about us.