Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It Was An Accident, I Swear

OK. So something happened today.

You see, when the baby was born, he had kind of a folded ear. He must have been laying on it in the womb or something. No biggie, the ENT just taped it down for a few weeks. The worst part of it was that he needed to have a bit of his hair shaved off so that the tape would stick.

Anyway, the ear was fixed and the tape came off, but now he had a patch of hair missing, that just looked strange.

So my husband took him to a haircut place, where he asked if the person could try and give him a little trim, and you know, fade it in a bit.

I'm not sure where the "stylist" got her hair cutting degree from, but she gave him the worst haircut that I have ever seen in my entire life. It honestly was the epitome of a bowl haircut. And apparently, my baby also has a chubby scalp, because suddenly you could see bald wrinkles running down the back of his head, that made him look like he was half baby, and half hairless cat.

See picture for proof.

So my husband brings him home, and I cry. My baby! All of his vanity laiden fuzzy baby hair is ruined!


I mean how difficult can a fro-hawk really be?

Except that I don't have any experience in cutting hair. In fact, the only hair cutting tool I have, is my husband's eye brow trimmer.

Let's just say that an hour later, my baby is basically bald.

From an eyebrow trimmer.

Lesson learned.

(No photograph of his current haircut is attached at this time, because I don't want him to turn 16 and kill me).


  1. Oh my! He probably won't kill you when he's 16, but better to bury this post where he'll never see it - just to be sure. :D Oh, yeah, NEVER tell this story to his future girlfriend(s) and/or wife.

  2. Still a little love bug

  3. Yeah, I'm a part of the "scalped" kids head club as well. He turned as I was cutting and well, the rest is history. On the plus side it's supposed to make his hair thicker, right? Isn't that the old wives tale?

    Lol, you do have my sympathy though 😉

  4. In one South Asian culture, they shave the baby's head asap for good luck! Trying to find it, I found out LOTS about first haircuts and different cultures. - ah, found it - http://chnm.gmu.edu/cyh/primary-sources/365

  5. Awww, it will grow. And I needed a good laugh today, I'm not laughing at him, just at his "cut" because you either laugh or cry right?

  6. I've almost scalped my boys trying to cut their hair when they were wiggly and little. Poor buddy. =(

  7. Get him a cute little baseball cap?

  8. Poor baby. Looks like something I did to my son too. Though he was like 2 or 3 at the time

  9. I am hairdresser but I personally wouldn’t have attempted to put clippers on an infant 👶

  10. Aww😍😍😍

  11. It’ll grow!!!

  12. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming... Elia & Ponto